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Darwin Awards: "The Darwin Awards salute the development in the human genome by honoring people who accidentally kill by themselves in genuinely stupid ways." Good plenty of, but the biologically pertinent question is: do they are doing so ahead of, or just after, they pass on their genes?

Mica: a mineral silicate whose hexagonal arrangements of atoms give it fantastic cleavage (it breaks in sheets in place of fracturing or crumbling).

Much of your determination for high generate in agriculture was within the “try to find gold” realm and Plainly is predicated on a type of conquest.

Equinox: the two once-a-year durations when the Sunlight crosses in excess of the earth's equator both north to south or south to north, thus creating on a daily basis and a night of equivalent duration: an abnormal circumstance offered the planet's tilt.

Limestone: sedimentary rock made up of calcium carbonate (calcium carbonate) fashioned by deposits of seashells and marine animal skeletons. Limestone is frequently added to cement along with other construction elements, together with blocks and facings.

Dormancy: a duration of summer season or winter metabolic slowdown in animals, plants, or seeds that must preserve Power in inhospitable seasons.

Hydrologic Cycle: the continued transformation of h2o within the biosphere from ocean drinking water evaporation to clouds, rain, groundwater and runoff, storage in organisms, and so forth. until eventually its return towards the oceans. The Earth holds about 326 cubic million miles of water, 97% of it while in the oceans.

Escarpment: a cliff-like ridge formed by faulting or erosion. It divides two roughly even items of land.

Elastic Restrict: how much a rock or mineral can bend without shattering. Elastic Rebound Theory: earthquakes come about when continental plates relocating in reverse directions eventually slip following a long accumulation of anxiety.

Gangamma’s Mandala: a symmetrical herb garden design and style that permits accessibility without necessitating any trampling to the garden beds.

Fetch: the stretch of open water by which wind can blow read more freely in one direction. Industry Capacity: the drinking water remaining in a very soil following it has drained Normally.

Influent: a plant or animal that has an important effect on the biotic balance in a Neighborhood. Sometimes utilized to imply a species that moves into an ecosystem from outside.

Oxidative Phosphorylation: the 3rd stage inside the breakdown of glucose into APT Power (see Carbohydrate Catabolism), in which electrons handed off because of the mitochondrion's electron transport chain (see Krebs Cycle) are joined with oxygen to make ATP inside the mitochondrion (the cell's power plant).

Liquefaction: the quick conversion of saturated soil into a structureless mass that flows like fluid. When earthquakes result in it, walls, dams, properties, and foundations are liable to break down. Frequent near coastal developments and parts of inadequate drainage.

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